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Capital Management

We view your capital as one treasure chest of wealth. The valuables that go into it may be labelled differently such as 'bank account', 'pension', 'shares', 'ISAs', 'rental income' etc, but all added together they amount to our understanding of your capital status.

WFW can help protect and grow all or part of your total wealth, present in any asset form that by way of ownership does not constitute a liability. We do not include your main home in our evaluation.

Once your capital is defined we can calculate a scale of risk particular to you that will be the right balance between investment return hopes and required financial security levels.

Investment advice

We suggest how much and where best for you to invest new money. WFW's independent status means we are not beholden to push any product or provider toward you.

We can analyse and advise on your existing investments, exactly what you have bought and if it is performing for you.

We also consider your tax implications by building a good relationship with your accountant or recommending a suitable accountant if you don't have one.

Pensions advice

We can help you understand the complex nature of pension schemes and describe what kind you are buying into and how suitable that may be for your whole-life objectives.

Our software capabilities can effortlessly produce easy to read models, cash flows and benefits forecasts of your pension potential.

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